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US health act benefits low wage migrant workers

Numerous immigrants and low-wage migrant workers residing in the United States have been not under the health care system. But, the newly introduced United States health care act emphasized the issue and brought significant improvement to provide them good quality health care facilities. A million immigrants from various backgrounds are the legal residents of the United States, though they are not getting the citizenship status.  They were unable to get all the facilities under the health care system of the USA. Now, they are getting benefit and coverage from the new policy. The US Census Bureau desired that the immigrants and the low-wage workers actively taking part in their elections.  Because, these people occupy the 17% of total population and their vote can be very useful for the upcoming elections. The health coverage of the poor people could provide them a much better lifestyle. The law also increases their importance in the labor market. Low-wage workers, minorities and the immigrants get a huge gain in the policy. The law is now a debatable topic in US parliament. The taxpayers and the insurance customers are suffering from this act. Some skilled professionals have to face some financial problem due to this health law because more amount of money has been deducted from their salaries. An economics professor Mr. David Cutler said that the law helps to bring the equality in the country. In a health campaign of Obama, he added that the low-wage workers help us a lot in a various way from cleaning our rooms to preparing our foods, so the government has the responsibility to pay attention for their financial growth. About 20 million people are getting benefits from this health policy. In 2014 the law provided a lot more facilities in the field of education, providing the occupation, sanitary facilities to the immigrants and the minorities. The statistical analysis shows that the law is very much help full for the poor, minorities, low-wage workers, part-time workers in comparison to the skilled professionals and the qualified graduates.

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