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In the modern time engineering and technology have the significant important for the current civilization. Many higher education aspirants from engineering domain can fulfill their dream by studying abroad in the process of twining program. Twining program is the safest procedure for technical students to satisfy their desire of studying in foreign universities. In the process the student don’t have to qualify the GRE or GMAT exam for MS or MBA if he completes her UG degree from same university or university of the same country. Twining programs are available for the various domain and discipline of engineering such as automobile, computer science, civil engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, industrial manufacturing   and mechanical engineering. International center for applied science has affiliated for these twining programs. Twining program also a helpful concern to enhance the wisdom of many genius student by providing them the good quality of education and will be able to increase their keenness level. All we know that our financial growth is mostly depend on industrialization and technical development. If we could produce more amount of skilled worker by following the approach then it will be an asset for our future startegies. According to the rule and regulation of the scheme the student has to complete his first two years under ICAS and then pursuing his next two year in any 34 foreign associate universities or 50 non associate universities of ICAS, but get place in associate university is relatively easier than the non associates. As per the scheme the credit obtain by the student at ICAS will be transfer to the concern foreign university and the student will get his graduate certification from there after completion of his education. The entry will depend upon the student’s obtained credits at ICAS or else he has to clear TOEFL, IELTS or SAT depending upon the educational system of the respective countries. Expect USA the student can get the student visa for rest all countries for one year training programe purpose.    

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