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  • Immigration of Indian student to USA
    Posted on : 30 May 2016  |  Category: USA Immigration News ,
      There are huge number of students around the globe have a great desire to study in America, because of its scholastic method of education system and labor market demand. Us is one of the richest nation all over the world so its currency value also much higher than that of other countries. This is one of reason for which international students have been attracted towards the universities of America. US prove lot mo....Read More
  • The US Green card for nonimmigrant
    Posted on : 02 Jun 2016  |  Category: USA Visa ,
    Nowadays many people want to reside in America.  The legal immigration family enquiries had introduced a provision to allow the spouse and child of a permanent residence holder to reside in the country and able to work by getting the immigrant status. For getting the visitor’s visa they need the form I-130, appeal for the alien relative. The spouse and child have to wait at least three years to get the permanent resident un....Read More