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More than 1.3 lakh students of India are in US for higher studies

The chief of US consular section explained about the process of f1 student’s visa for study in America.  Many Indian students have an aspiration to study in abroad. The industrial revolution needs more amount of skilled worker for its rapid development. American universities are providing the world class educations in all trades.  The chief again added that they all are looking forward towards the student’s dream of pursuing study in US. They will provide all the assistance's for the purpose of visa and immigration.

Getting a F1 visa to pursue the higher study in America is not a difficult task for the candidates. The visa officers only look for some criteria to approve the visa. If the applicant meets all the criteria then he can easily get the visa to pursue his higher study at US.

Mainly visa authorities give priority to three criteria. The first one is the student must have satisfy the academic requirements of the college or university of his choice. Student’s previous academic credits and percentage may come in to the consideration, if required.

Secondly the student must have a purpose and motive for the full time courses. The F1 Student visa issues only the full-time course aspirants. The willingness to the full time programs will helpful for the candidate to get the F1 visa.

Third one is the student has the sufficient fund for his academies and accommodation at US.  If any parents or relatives loaned for the higher study in the mortgage of property, then the executive team will enquire about its honesty.

The consulate officer has given his view that more than 1.3 lakh students are currently doing their higher educations. Previous year 72,000 visas were issued to the students across the country for the purpose of their education. Day by day the numbers of aspirants increase to study in America.

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