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Immigration of Indian student to USA

  There are huge number of students around the globe have a great desire to study in America, because of its scholastic method of education system and labor market demand. Us is one of the richest nation all over the world so its currency value also much higher than that of other countries. This is one of reason for which international students have been attracted towards the universities of America. US prove lot more opportunities in various domain of education such as IT, engineering, biotechnology, agriculture, economics and automobiles. The American software companies are interested to hire the Indian students to work for them with lucrative salary package. Due to lack of industrialization lot of technical students in India unable to get a good job in India but for US it is complete a reverse issue. They have more industrialization but lack of skilled human resource. So many students from various countries want to reside in America because of the carrier growth. Normally Indian student immigrate to US by the help of student visa. There are various criteria to be fulfilled by the applicant to get a student visa for US. It deals lot of legal issues. You have to get the US student visa from the US embassy. Embassies are located in various cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The type of visa granted for the students depending up prose of visit. Normally f-class student visa has been provided to the student to pursuing their higher studies in America. Every year lot of IT workers and technical students immigrate to America. Carrier growth in every domain is the major attraction for Indian students to reside there. The revolution in the field of information technology also create a huge job opportunities for the jobseekers and students.  This is why many Indian skilled indivisuals wants to immigrate to US

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